ML – Some Basics

In this post I will cover some basic machine learning definitions to help me understand things moving forward.

Problem Types


Here, the goal of the algorithm is to use information about a given item or data instance, and assign it a result or category (Laird, van Lent, 2005).


Similar to classification, but the resulting categories are not pre-defined, and multiple data instances are used to define groups (Laird, van Lent, 2005).


Modifying function input variables to find the highest or most optimal output result.

Algorithm Lingo

Decision Tree

A decision tree represents a process of classification through a mufti-step decision-making tree (SAS Institute).


With respect to machine learning, a rule is something that an system may define based on observations that defines how it should react to a given input.

Neural Network

Generally requires specific hardware. Neural networks learn by example rather than programming, by simulating a highly interconnected network similar to the human brain (Siganos , D and Stergiou, C).


A model is a data set generated by the computer which is used to represent something. For example, a player model could be a set of variables that are set in order to represent the behaviours of a player.


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